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TripleSEC Consulting is a professional services firm dedicated to cyber security. We provide world class cyber security analysts and testers to clients who need to protect their technology infrastructure and sensitive data from complex threats. Our cutting-edge team of world-class experts come from every area of security and have in-depth experience in all vertical markets including financial, government, consulting, health care, banking, and e-commerce. 

TripleSEC Consulting supports every security service imaginable from the standard penetration test to advanced autonomous drone security frameworks & architecture. Our consultants are with you at every stage of your security program, no matter your maturity, from the initial cyber security program strategy & design, to the security policies creation, the security implementation, the security auditing, all the way to the penetration testing.

The TripleSEC Consulting focus is on you, the client. Our leadership team and consultants understand your concerns and have built a new kind of consulting firm based on 3 principles; Client Experience driven through exceptional service, Technical Excellence attained with in-house advanced technologies and only employing proven industry leaders, and Best Value by aligning proven results with fees that match real budgets. Contact us now and find out why TripleSEC exploded out of Silicon Valley and across the USA as the leader in advanced cyber security consulting services!

Our Leadership


Our leadership encompasses industry veterans and business leaders from across the world.

Our leadership team is spread across the USA from out Silicon Valley headquarters to our Wall St. location.

Dedicated Team

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